Balance for better-IWD Day 2019

Balance for Better is the theme for this women’s Day. Are you ready to balance yourself this Women’s Day?

Strike a Balance now and forever

As a woman it is important that you strike a balance in your work life and personal life. If you are somebody who is longing to go out and work out of your house then now is the time that you step out of the house and start working. Especially if you are a mother who has left your dreams post your baby.

Yes a child needs mother for nurturing but if you have that extra help at home and if you wish to pursue a career, a hobby, a passion, a goal then today please pick up a pen and paper to plan something.

You can do so by taking help of your husband like I do. Or you can take support of your parents, in -laws, maid etc. Just because you are a woman and a mother it doesn’t mean that you have to be restricted to your household responsibilities.  Yes it’s your choice to be a stay at home mother or someone who wants to pursue your dream along with parenting. Every woman has her own ideology and you must respect that thoroughly. 

My life around Balance for better

So after I became a mother I always wanted to give priority to my child and gradually focus on my career.  I started working at flexi timings the moment my daughter turned 6 months old and I continue to do.  I thank my husband who always motivated me to excel in the expertise that I always had. He made sure that my daughter was extremely comfortable in my absence. In fact I feel proud to say that he has nurtured my daughter the way I do.  My well-wishers waited for my come back after a break of 6 to 7 months and I feel gratitude to this fact. Our life always revolves around people who provoke us and I feel I am very fortunate to have some very good friends in my life.

Family does matter

Since I come from a family wherein the success of woman is given lot of importance I never had this fear of what people will think if I step out of the house keeping my baby at home.  I feel proud to see my mother in law who is a doctor working at this age and my sister-in-law who is also a very successful doctor. 

My mother and sister have always motivated me to go ahead in life and till date they take inspire me to the dual role of being a mother and handling career confidently.  For me Balance for better is this as well when one woman encourages other one to be successful in life.

Balance for better being a father

If you are a Father then it is equally important to balance your role at your workplace and at home. It is essential that there is a balance seen while working outside the house and at the same time sharing responsibilities at home in whatever small way he can.

I feel it is high time that we stop defining that certain roles like cooking, upbringing the child, managing house is only a women’s job and meeting clients, being ambitious etc. is a men’s job. Both men and women have right to study, right to earn and right to grow in life the way he or she wants.  

I see so many women who are happy staying at home and happiness is the most important thing. I have met so many women who have zeal to go back to their career or study after a particular point of their motherhood. I have seen so many women around me who beautifully handle their house, children and career. At the same time I have understood men who inspire women and nurture their child to strike a balance.

Let’s read views of Balance for Better by some mom’s and Dad’s.

Balance for Better – By Dr.Ami Sanghvi (Diabetologist )

So when I have to write up something about myself it seems a tough one, but guess will be able to manage.

So here I am, someone who was always been an extrovert, decently hardworking but not very ambitious during my school days, managed to pass my boards with flying colors, someone who never wanted to take medicine but had to take up because of my father’s insistence. I am someone who never wanted to do post-graduation but did it on my fiancé’s perseverance.

Today I stand as a decently successful Diabetologist, more confident about doing everything what is expected which I think wouldn’t have at all be possible without an unending support from my husband who is pillar of strength, wind below my wings who always pushes me to give the best.

From a docile naive girl to a confident lady

From a docile naive girl to a confident lady has been a long, at times very difficult but a fulfilling journey.

Here also I have to mention that much credit goes to my son too who is only of 13 years of age but who understands me a lot.  He knows his mother has to work too, takes pride that his mom is a working lady & so with the continuous support of my husband & son I am able to balance both my career & home.

Also here I would like to pause & add a word about being blessed with some amazing friends and family who always wished the best for me & stood by me through all times.

In this stereotypic world if we teach our kids especially our sons about equality, setting a role model with the help of our spouses about how to respect all, take help & advice of our children in most of our decisions, treat them with respect then most of the battle is won.

We will be creating a generation which will understand gender equality better creating a happier world for all.

Great luck to all! Happy parenting.


Balance for Better – By Roma Varadkar( A Model, recently crowned as Mrs India Pacific 2019 First Runner Up)

My strengths that makes me successful

My biggest strength is challenging my own challenges. Dedication, Discipline and determination follows. Having a clear vision & right attitude towards life is all you need to be successful in life. You need to have that ‘go-getter’ spirit in you & ‘never give-up’ attitude in life.

“Be content with what you have but always be excited of what you want” should be your perspective towards life.

I am a self-motivated person & my husband Abhishek has left no stone unturned to keep pushing me to reach my goals. He’s been backbone of my success, given wings to my dreams and helped me rediscover myself all over again. He’s my guide, mentor, soul mate & a true friend. I am so fortunate & blessed to have a life partner like him who believes in me more than anyone ever did.

 Balance in my career and being a mother.

“They will keep Saying, but you don’t stop Slaying” is what I completely believe in.

No matter what others have to say, think or tell about you, you should be very clear in your vision. If you are determined about your goals you are unstoppable.

I always wanted to do something which would make my family feel proud of me. Venturing into modelling just happened & I am so happy that it did. I completely rediscovered myself as a new person; only to realize my potential and what I was capable of. You need to come out of your comfort zone to reach greater heights.

Being a mother of two lovely kids (aged 8 & 6) was never easy and to strike a balance between my dreams and family responsibilities. However, I was determined to overcome all obstacles towards achieving my dreams and aspirations. Considering both my in-laws are deaf & mute by birth and husband living overseas due to work, added more pressure to my journey. But as I said earlier, I am a completely focused, disciplined and determined in my personal & professional life. Once decided, there is no looking back. I’ve worked extremely hard on achieving the right body, worked not just on beauty but also brains as it is essential in my profession. After having two C- sections, coming back to normal weight was a tough uphill task. But there is no word as “Impossible” in my dictionary. I make everything possible with my hard work and perseverance. Losing 24kgs from my peak weight was never easy but also not impossible.

Being a daughter-in-law, I happily do my duties at home and socially as well. As a mother I am very caring and loving but at the same time a very strict mother too, who expects her children to be disciplined in life. I am sure when they grow up, they will realize the importance of it. Making sure adequate time is given to family is very important for me. For now, I am playing a role of a mother, a father, daughter-in-law and also that of a Son to my deaf and mute in-laws taking care of their needs. They all look up to me each day & I can’t let them down. No matter how low I feel someday I still carry that smile & zest on my face.

My inspiration of life

My inspiration comes from our Indian Boxing Champion Mary Kom who has won several medals for our country and has brought glory to our country. If she can achieve heights despite coming from a small town and having three children, then why can’t we do something to make our family and country proud?

Let your life be an inspiration to the society. Do what you are good at and you will see yourself excelling in it.

Each day is a new opportunity to learn and do something new. Let’s grab the opportunities and make a difference in the society.

To every women out here who is reading this

Being a woman is such a beautiful feeling. Let’s embrace the way we are rather than focusing on our height, weight, skin colour or any such physical characteristics. Love the way you are because “No one else is you and that’s your super power”.

Love yourself first because no one else is going to do that for you. Make yourself a priority not for once but always. Keep telling yourself I am beautiful inside out and I alone am responsible for my own happiness. Let not your smile and happiness depend upon any person or any materialistic thing.

Do things that spread joy and happiness around. You be a reason for others to smile. I truly believe a woman is like a tea bag, unless you put it in hot water you won’t know how strong the tea is, similarly you won’t know how strong and powerful a woman is unless you put her in a situation where she has to act accordingly. She can be soft and fragile like a flower & can be strong and ferocious like a wild tigress.

 ‘Just be yourself’. You are born original then why copy? Don’t not waste your time & energy in copying and doing things what others are doing. Let’s just be ourselves and do what we like. We all are unique in our own ways, let utilize and capitalize our strengths and work on our challenges.

Balance for Better – Neha Rajput (Corporate lady)

Start living for yourself

I’m a woman and I’m proud of it. Balancing personal life, work and family haven’t been easy for woman, has it?

It’s an art and requires a lot of perseverance to manage everything. Yet we give most of our time to work and family and save very little or no time for ourselves. Honestly sometimes you have to get over the guilt and live for yourself. We know how to plan this out if we really wanted to. This will just help to improvise the quality of relationships even more.

Support from family members

I’m lucky to have a great support at home and I wonder how people manage without one. Nevertheless, support or no support, there is still a lot of space for us to fill in as the child looks up to the mother as soon as she is home.

We have to cover up for the missing hours in every way we can so we end up stretching ourselves. Working at office or at home is equally exhausting and we should respect each role, end of the day there is a woman who manages this impeccable balance- at least we try our best to keep it this way!

We are strong and our strength is what drives the balance for better.  I’m a woman and I’m strong and I want my daughter to be inspired by me and turn out to be a strong woman too.

Balance for Better – Jai Kataria (Professional)

Pursuing a career and a father are perhaps two of the most important roles you may have in your life, so it’s completely normal to want to put your best foot forward. Start by showing consideration for your family and learning to communicate with them more effectively.

Importance of self-care

Remember that to take good care of your family; you must take care of yourself, so implement positive lifestyle choices that support your health and well-being, too. Avoid missing out on important sporting events, recitals, anniversaries or birthdays whenever possible. If you know it’s important to your spouse or kids, try your best to make it. The best husbands and fathers regularly talk to and listen to their spouse and children.

When your family feels like you actively make time to hear them out, they will be more forthcoming with communication. Many husbands can probably admit to tuning out their spouse and kids every now and then. So, you could probably benefit from freshening up your listening skills

Balance for Better – Kasandra Pais Liao(Corporate lady)

“So what are your Educational qualifications?” I was asked recently. I said I’ve done my post-graduation in Human Resources. “And your parents educated you to only change diapers ultimately?” – I was asked again which set me thinking.

Few weeks later someone else asked me,” will you tell your son when he grows that you gave up your career for him? Hmm – set me thinking again.

This Women’s day – I am just focusing on the below 3 thoughts

1) My personal and professional development equals an overall development of my son and a better upbringing for him.

2) When I have been blessed with a strong support system in the form of my Son’s Grandparents, an understanding spouse and even a helpful maid then why not make use of it and devote some time for my professional development.

3) Tomorrow when my Son grows up I want him to ensure his daughter/ wife thinks not only of household work but of their careers as well.

And yes – I do enjoy changing diapers and devote special time for it on weekends and after work daily. Time with my son is extremely precious.

#Balanceforbetter #HappyMomHappyBaby #Self-respect / Self-esteem #work-life balance

Balance for Better- Gauresh Gaonkar (Professional)

When we say a “Balance World” or “Balance for Better” do we actually mean it?

Well when I was getting married my mother told me if you are expecting working woman than be ready to balance her work load at home as well.  So most of the things were sorted there.

Hence I would urge every parent today to make their son understand to respect every woman and help her in whatever she does.

Life post kids change and it is very important to have a work life balance once we become parents. Not only it will help your spouse but you will get more time to spend with your little one. This is tricky but we as a father need to work it out as we are the only beneficiary.

My only idea of happiness is to share each other’s responsibility equally

Balance for Better- Dr.Ashini Shah (Pediatric Ophthalmologist)

I feel that in today’s world it is necessary and need for women to work.  Striking a balance between family and work is what all women wish. For me as a pediatric ophthalmologist and mother of a three year old is also the same. 100% support from the family and flexible five hour work timing helps me to strike a balance.

The passion to work and extreme love for family is in my mind which makes me stronger and keeps me going ahead.

Balance for Better- Dr.Rishi Sanghvi (Pediatrician)

Responsibility of father

Balance for Better is the theme for this year’s Women’s Day.  Being a father to our lovely 18 month old daughter is the best gift that my wife gave us.  So when wife becomes a mother, is it only the duty of the mother to take care of the child?
Well, I for 1 don’t think so.  A Father has to take equal responsibilities in the upbringing of their child & help his wife in daily activities.  Whether it’s changing babies diapers, to bathe your child,  to making a child sleep,  father’s should take equal responsibility. 

My views on parenting

There are certain things which only a mother can do best for the child, but we as fathers can definitely help our wives.  When a woman decides to be a mother, she gives a lot of sacrifices including her career, ambition.  So after motherhood, if she decides to concentrate on her career, we as husbands should give them all the support that they want. 

 In fact in many instances I have seen the father works from home so that he can take care of the child & allow his wife to pursue her career & dreams.  I feel there should be no shame in doing so. If women can do it, then why can’t husbands or fathers do it?
So, to all the lovely ladies out there,  here’s wishing u all a Happy Women’s Day

Hope you all found some connect on reading how each one thinks about Balance For Better. I thank each of them for giving their views as a parent and how they strike a balance in this stereotype world. I wish all the ladies out there a Happy Women’s day.

Lets take a pledge to strike a balance in our lives, help others to be more balanced and not carried away by stereotypical views. If you have any thoughts to share please feel free to write in our comment section or you can drop us an email.

“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.” – Kofi Annan

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