How Covid-19 has made us more mindful?

Hi everyone, this article is about how Covid-19 has made us more mindful. Like many of you are aware that I am on a mission to advocate Mindful Parenting and educate children and teenagers about Mindful Living.

Dilemma while following Mindful Parenting

During my counseling sessions I give flavor of activities pertaining to Mindfulness to children. Most of them find it very beneficial. With regards to parents I give them few handy tips related to Mindful Parenting.

Many parents have this Dilemma that it is difficult for them not to worry about the future of the child and how not to leave their past thoughts behind. But now parents have started agreeing with me in possible way. My whats app is flooded with experiences of so many parents and how they are now able to get meaning of Mindful Parenting looking the current scenario.

Coronavirus has made our life Mindful

The tables have turned. The impact of Covid-19 has made everyone’s lives more mindful. Parents have started sharing that Covid-19 has made them more conscious about their actions, feelings and thoughts.

  • You have become so conscious while washing hands. Those 20 seconds you are so attentive to the soap rubbing on your hands and fingers.
  • Every time you step out of the house you are so particular about keeping that bottle of sanitizer without fail. Your thoughts are exactly in sync with your actions which prompts you to use the sanitizer at appropriate times.
  • If your child’s sneezes or coughs all of sudden your 100% attention goes on that action and you observe if your child covered his mouth while doing so.
  • You have become so cautious of where all your child is touching.

So this is what Mindful Moments are all about.

We have taken a halt and not racing around without any reason.

Anxiety is related to current scenario

Each one of you are making sure to live in present moment in the best possible way by spending quality time with own self and your family. Yes the feeling of Anxiety is there amongst many of them however this time the difference is that most of you are able to acknowledge and understand that anxiety.

For a change the anxiety is also related to present scenario and you are not getting worked up by future thoughts. We all are on same page. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor as everyone is living in the moment. This is the time to be cautious and not anxious.

Covid 19 has made us to live in present

Take a minute and think how Covid-19 has changed your perspective about your thoughts and feelings. That is because we don’t know what is even going to happen tomorrow. There is so much uncertainty hence we are living as an when day is taking us ahead.

Even after the news of Covid-19 goes away from your sight please continue to stay with your conscious thoughts, watch every action mindfully and don’t worry about your children’s future 20 years from now. I am not saying don’t think but I said don’t worry.

Also I am no where saying to stay at home forever or leave your ambitions but my only appeal is to introspect how mindfully each one of us have started living. So take a pledge that you will continue doing these activities for atleast 30 minutes in a day.

Take this opportunity to relax, meditate, introspect, read, dance, sing , paint, cook and do what all that you and your family enjoy. Spend some time in silence.

Lets all pray together that may all sentient beings be free from suffering and may there be peace soon.

Do write to me in comments or on email that what all activities you have started doing staying indoors.

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  • Bhavana

    March 20, 2020 at 1:01 pm

    Vowww such a nice article Everyone should read and follow to keep the mind peaceful and happy in today's situation

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