I want to Quit Smoking

I want to Quit Smoking- The day he told this statement we both started working towards it. What are those thoughts that lead you to start cigarette smoking and at times where it leads you to?

Well, I feel that it’s best to hear from someone who has already experienced the same. I asked Sunny (name changed to protect the privacy of my client) that if he could narrate his story and he instantly agreed for the same.

I felt 31st May 2019 being World No Tobacco Day would be an apt day to share with you all about his life.

So here is 20 years old Sunny narrating his story.

From a boy next door to a chain-smoker

Just like many of the cool guys around me, I had a intention to look cool and smart. One fine day I went to a cigarette shop and bought a cigarette. I went into some deserted area and lit up the cigarette. I was in 9th grade when this incident took place. I felt that I am a grown up man because I started smoking. But that wasn’t true at all. A few weeks passed and I started craving for cigarette. I did the same thing again. And then the bad phase of my life started.
It was once a month, then switched over to once a week.. once a day …. And ended up to a packet of 20 in a day. Yes, I became a chain smoker by the time I cleared my 10th grade

Life Beyond those Puff

One fine day, I met a guy. He asked me that let’s smoke together. I told I am fine with it. He took out some weird cigarette from a box and he lit it up. He took some Puffs and passed it to me . As I took a puff I started coughing badly. Everything around me was hallucinating.
Later on that guy told me that’s it’s not a cigarette buddy, It’s a joint. I questioned him “Bhai joint Kya hota hai?” He replied it’s weed aka ganja.
The days passed we kept meeting. Other than being a chain smoker I became a drug addict.

My college life

One day without joint was unbelievable for me. My behavior changed. I became very aggressive whenever I didn’t get a chance to smoke.
My parents came to know about my such habits . Mom and dad, being my well wishers, explained me that these things aren’t good for health. But that thing didn’t affect me as I wanted to become a cool guy when I step into the college.
They found of various ways for me to get out of the addiction of cigarettes. None worked. Dad some how came in contact with Sheetal Di.

My life changed

My dad didn’t inform me where we were going.He just told me get ready, we are going out. I was like okay.
We took an auto and reached the clinic.
When I entered, I met my counselor- Sheetal Di. I was quite positive on meeting her in the very first session.
We talked about various things. My hobbies, Genere of music movies and also about career. At that time I wanted to get in Merchant Navy because I was fantasized by ships. Sessions were on and finally we came to the point.

Writing did help me

Sheetal Di always listened to me very carefully and she does understand. Not just me but everyone of us. Di guided me in an very efficient way. She built a habit in me of maintaining a diary where I had to write down everything be it studies or any topic I feel like . Or even about the daily chores.
She helped me to overcome my weakness with help of couple of activities.
There was a time when I used to smoke a packet of 20cigarettes a day and now it’s one in 5-6 months and that too only 2-4 Puffs and then the cigarette is thrown. I am sure a day will come when this urge of 2-4 puff will also fade off.

Only one suggestion friends

Please I request you all to stay away from all these habits. They are not even 0.00000000001% helpful. All you feel is just a kick for hardly 20-30 seconds but that costs you 15rs per cigarette and your life. Just imagine if some thing goes wrong and you start suffering from a deadly disease.
Just think once about your parents and close friends who really care for you. Will you like your parents smiling or in tears? Smiling, right?
So promise them today itself that you will never ever touch any kind of in toxic substance ever in your life. Make them proud by being a success person. Work hard. Give them a stress free lifestyle. I am sure the day you’ll get your first salary , more than you they will be proud. So why to make them feel ashamed of our acts.

Quit smoking

If anyone is into smoking, friends please leave it. I know it’s not easy. I have been through that phase. It takes a lot of efforts and will power . Just think about your loved ones if they come to know about your habits.
Talking about pros and cons of consumption of Intoxic substances

Pros: There are no pros, so don’t even think about it.
Cons: Countless

Just read it once, and even after reading you have the courage to continue smoking, then buddy you surely need some help.
Not just these, a lot more are pending.
For that refer this website
That’s all my friends, I’ll take a leave now. Just remember one thing friends that if I can then even you can. All the best friends.

My sincere thanks to Sunny for writing from his heart and sharing his story to all of us. Although his identity is not revealed it takes a huge courage to go back to your past and pen down something like this.
Like Sunny, many of you might have seen young students who are into smoking.

How to help any teen who comes to you and says I want to Quit Smoking?

1. Firstly it’s important to know his story and thoughts on how did he indulge into smoking
2. Based on his thoughts and experiences we can help him better
3. You must know that each and every person has his strengths as well as areas of improvements
4. Silumtanouealsy try to know about his hobbies and interest areas
5. You can encourage him to focus on his interest areas and divert his mind
6. Along with this sit and discuss with him about his goals of his life
7. Making a notepad about daily activities on everyday basis really helps
8. Then comes showing him the hazards of smoking along with the actual statistics
9. It’s important for the teen to understand that smoking is not the way to be a cool dude
10. One of the best things you can do to help anyone quit is to identify the things that make him want to smoke, including specific situations, activities, feelings, and people
11. Don’t doubt the smoker’s ability to quit. Your faith in them reminds them they can do it.
12. If they have decided to avoid tempting situations, such as pubs or parties, suggest some alternative activities that you could enjoy together (such as going out to a smoke free restaurant, a play or a film)
13. If they have decided to take up exercise and need encouragement, offer to go along too
14. Be around
15. Sometimes, a person who’s trying not to smoke just needs someone to talk to so just give a listening ear
16. Help the teenager START plan to quit
17. Recommending the teenager to a professional will definitely help

Apart from above mentioned tips if you know any other helpful ways to help someone quit smoking please write in our comment section or drop a line on our email Id.

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