Pregnancy using the medium of Art Based Therapy

Thoughts during Pregnancy

I felt as the happiest human being on this earth when I conceived. The thought of holding the tiny tot in my hands after birth was so exciting.  I had always decided that I would make my nine months of pregnancy very exciting and would do something different from my everyday routine. I wanted to remember my days of pregnancy forever and make my child feel special since the time little one was in womb.  It was during my third month of my pregnancy and I started inquiring for some circle time for pregnant ladies especially with medium of art based therapy.

Conception of Art Based Therapy during my pregnancy

These were the thoughts that often came in my mind.

‘I wish there exists a group of like-minded pregnant mom’s around me with whom I could sit and share about what I feel’

‘I desire to do some painting but what if I had couple of other Mom’s too’

‘It would be so much of fun to do some activities together related to Mindfulness’

That’s when I started inquiring about some circle time for pregnant ladies but couldn’t find anything around the vicinity.  I found couple of classes about yoga, breastfeeding, how to give birth naturally and such topics which didn’t appeal me.

That’s when I started doing various activities one after the other for myself. Being an Art Based Therapist it was easy for me to do various activities on my own.  I had facilitated pregnant ladies and young mothers in the past so I was able to use my Expertise and Experience. Art Based Therapy helped me to give an excellent outcome. I could feel the impact when my little one was in my womb.

Art Based Therapy during Pregnancy

I made a systematic approach for my entire pregnancy using Art Based Practice.  Art Based Therapy is when one uses mediums of arts in a systematic and scientific manner. It comprises of various art forms like painting, music, mindfulness, stories, games, visualization etc.

I did painting to create positive vibes around me. It was first time that I used canvas paper and acrylic paintings. The results were amazing.

I practiced mindfulness every day to be calm and keep my thoughts in control.

I was in touch with right kind of music which helped me soothe myself.

Apart from listening music I made lullabies and used to sing every day to my baby inside the womb.

I used same lullabies to make my baby sleep post-delivery and I could see the optimistic way in which my baby responded. My baby would sleep instantly on listening to my voice.

I mastered the art of talking to the baby inside the womb and all these helped me to remain composed during pregnancy, at the time of birth and post-delivery.

There is an art in which one needs to read to the baby when the bay inside the womb. It is not necessary to read religious books. The pregnant lady can read what appeals her the most.

I did Visualization every day and could see the constructive way in which my pregnancy progressed.

Benefits of using Art Based Therapy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs but it’s very important to be mentally healthy especially when there are downs. I still remember my gynecologist told me when my baby was born that how we wish to see all ladies smiling and co-operative the way you are.

That’s when I realized that this journey of Art Based Therapy during the nine months of my pregnancy was fruitful and even others could see the results.

Few pointers that I experienced and would like to share

  • Birth of the child takes place right from the time of conception and the way you spend your nine months of pregnancy shapes the future of your child rearing practice
  • Try to do something different during these nine months of pregnancy and create as much as positivity as you can
  • Eat healthy, be healthy that everyone says but to think healthy is most important factor
  • Pregnancy is not an illness. It’s the most beautiful phase so live those moments happily
  • Create some magical moments and there are 100 ways to do the same
  • Visual Arts has lot of power and one must experience it and see the difference
  • Visualization impacts on how our pregnancy progresses so one must practice it throughout the period
  • Reading to the womb actually works and it may not be religious books. There are other books and articles also that one can read

Pregnancy and emotions

Today my child is two years old and I can see the influence of art based therapy on her. I feel to remain Joyful during pregnancy is very important. I have seen so many children who are developed in all areas of life but when it comes to emotions they still need helping hand.

For instance few children are extremely cranky and they remain like this for many years. When they are brought to me and on taking the case history I come to know that mother was unhappy during the pregnancy. A mother’s state of mind during pregnancy impacts the emotions of the child.

Real life Example

I remember during my pregnancy I got a call from one of my students. I had trained her few years ago and she was also pregnant during the same year when I was. She had a soft voice and with heavy heart she discussed about the kind of stress that she was going through during her pregnancy.  I was aware about her interest and flare towards art.  I gave her few tips in terms of using various forms of arts in a more systematic way.  She called me after a month to inform me that she was feeling very happy and much better as compared to what she was earlier. She had positive emotions.

Thus Art Based Therapy during nine months equips the pregnant lady to cope up with the ups and downs during pregnancy in a more conscious and effective manner. We all encounter some or the other difficulty during pregnancy and post-delivery. Its important to learn to overcome these challenges in a more mindful way.

I will write in future blogs how one can use Art Based medium during pregnancy

Truthfully, being pregnant is changing me as a person. Each day is part of this amazing journey that has completely shifted the focus of my life and made me re-evaluate my personal and professional goals.”–

Holly Madison

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