Amazing place for the cure of any kind of stress and specially for teens, I have never felt so good with any other counselor, it feels like home and a very good personal touch added by Sheetal Sanghvi Ma’am

16 years old college student

Coming to sheetal mam really made me more calm. I could open easily to her without any fear of judgement. Also she could make me understand me things easily which my parents couldnt.


They say when a child is born a mother is born. Just like a child stumbles a few blocks to learn to walk, a mother stumbles and learns to mother ! What if someone tells you, hey you don’t have to go through it alone, whilst you balance your self on the tight rope of parenting, I am here to hold your hand.


This has been the one place for all my daughters medical treatments.Never have i been this satisfied with a doctor who is just always a phone call away and whose medicines have the fastest effect.